The goal of The Fitness Center is to provide you with a proper environment to improve your fitness level. The staff, using our system, will provide the motivation and professionalism to help you attain your goals.


Establishing the short and long term goals of the program.


Circumference and body fat measurements to establish a baseline.


The Fitness Center Nutritional Plan

A well balanced nutrition program.


Weekly Nutrition Follow-Up

During the sessions we review your food diary and goals to help the you stay focused and accountable.


A cardio respiratory fit test to establish a starting point of your cardio fitness level.


A post-evaluation is done at the end of the program to review measurements and body fat. We also review your goals that were established in the beginning of the program and set new goals.

Since joining The Fitness Center almost ten years ago I have worked with Vic and his staff to be in the best shape of my life.  Their cardio and weightlifting program along with nutritional advice has helped me to look and feel better than I did twenty years ago.

Bill Ingram

Before joining The Fitness Center I questioned the value of strength training and nutrition in my running routine. I was amazed what I discovered. The professional trainers, state of the art equipment and nutritional meetings have improved my quality of life.

Tom Russell