A Key Part of Aging is Preserving Muscle

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A Key Part of Aging is Preserving Muscle

It’s a fact that as you age, muscle mass and strength decline. If the loss of muscle becomes extreme, it can result in the inability to carry out daily tasks of living.  While there is no therapy or medication to completely prevent the loss of muscle that occurs with aging there are steps you can take to build and maintain as muscle and strength as possible no matter your age.  The key is long term exercise programs that build muscle and strength. 
Most of you know that exercise can help you maintain your balance and prevent falls, which are among the top causes of injury and death in older adults.  Research published by JAMA Internal Medicine, analyzed 40 randomized trials that included about 22,000 older adults.  The cumulative results found that people who exercised for one year or more had a 12% reduction in falls and a 26% reduction in falls with injury, compared to people who did not exercise.  Researchers found the most benefits were seen in people who exercised three times a week in programs that included balance exercises, strength training and aerobic exercise. From the results of this research, it shows the importance of staying active and exercise on a consistent basis. 
Another part of this is our diet.  Dietary protein plays a big role in building muscle when accompanied by strength training.  Some examples of dietary protein is lentils, tuna, chicken breast, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, milk and eggs.
As with any program being consistent is of vital importance and it should be a lifetime commitment. 

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