Your Health Is Our #1 Priority

The Fitness Center is Following All of The CDC Guidlines For Your Safety.
  • Health Screening
  • Temperature Check
  • Trainers & Clients Wear Masks
  • Social Distancing/Limited Capacity
  • Wipe Down All Machines/Touch Points


Mobility, balance, and stretching are frequently overlooked but essential to a well rounded fitness and wellness program. Balance is a skill that typically declines with age. However, even among younger people, those with excellent balance perform better in their favorite activities and are at a lower risk for accidents and injury. Preserving balance grows more essential the older on gets as it is in many ways a “use it or loose it” type skill. Since it is a skill, you can improve it through exercise.

Stretching and Balancing Program

Dan Tourlellotte, Director of Programs, shows us moves from the Stretching & Balancing Program and explains why actively stretching & practicing balance is great for your health.

Benefits Include:

  • Improved posture which leads to an improved appearance
  • Grace and ease of motion
  • Being less prone to accidents and injuries
  • Relieved stress
  • Decreased pain in many cases
  • Improved sports, work or activity performance

The Fitness Center has your back when it comes to the Corona Virus…You can come here and exercise securely knowing they are following safety protocols.


The Fitness Center team is committed to your safety. The machines are cleaned before and after each workout. This is a great team to be apart of.


The goal of The Fitness Center is to provide you with a proper environment to improve your fitness level. The staff, using our system, will provide the motivation and professionalism to help you attain your goals.

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