Benefits of Balance Training


Benefits of Balance Training

Balance is involved in every activity of daily life, including walking, bending, standing from a sitting position and going up and down stairs. Balance training improves the skills necessary for these real-life movements and helps reduce your risk of injury. This is especially needed as we age. Balance is a trainable skill, but consistency is important. The more you practice it, the better your balance will be. Because there are specific that will need to be worked on it is best to work with a Personal Trainer who can help you learn these skills correctly.

Some of the benefits of balance training are:

  • Body awareness: Balance training helps you understand where your body is in space and how it moves. It helps to know how far to reach for an item on a high shelf, or how to move to avoid bumping into someone.
  • Reaction time and fall prevention: If you step off a curb and stumble, your body needs to react immediately to rebalance and keep you from falling. Balance training helps your body respond more quickly to these immediate demands and avoid injuries from a fall.
  • Increased muscular strength and joint support: When you strengthen the muscles used for balance, you help take the stress off painful joints.
  • Coordination: Your brain sends signals to your muscles to coordinate movement. Since maintaining balance requires many muscles to work together, balance training improves your mind-body coordination. Staying physically active helps keep you mentally sharp at the same time!
  • Maximize your workouts: As you improve your balance it is important to incorporate strength training exercises into your workout.

Remember, as we age we lose muscle and strength which makes us more susceptible to losing our balance which could result in a fall and injuries.

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