Feeding Your Brain

Feeding Your Brain According to recent research there are key, diet-based strategies to help keep your brain sharp as we age. Scientific evidence suggests that what you eat plays an important role in learning and memory as you age. There are 5 steps you can take to protect your brain. Pack in phytonutrients. Whole, plant […]

Strength Training and Why You Need It

Why Strength Training is Important Everyone knows the importance of an all inclusive, balanced approach to health and fitness. Some kind of conditioning exercise (cardio) is essential. Eating healthy is a must.  Getting enough rest and quality sleep is vital. People are also emphasizing stretching. But strength training? Why Should You Strength Train? Get stronger […]

5 Things Nutritionists Want You to Know

Dietary patterns are more important than specific foods According to Tufts Professor Alice Lichtenstein, we need to stop thinking of foods in isolation. People need help to put together a healthy dietary pattern. Look at the whole picture at once. A healthy dietary pattern can and should taste good. According to her report, a “healthy […]

Exercise and Older Adults

In adults over 50, it is vital to maintain an active lifestyle. Sometimes we get so busy with life that we forget to take care of ourselves, but most of us are empty nesters now and we don’t have the excuse of running kids everywhere. It is now time to focus on ourselves. Below is […]

Newest Guidelines for High Blood Pressure

Many people have high blood pressure and don’t know it. It is a silent disease that kills many people each year. Regular checkups with your doctor can keep you on top of this silent killer and most people can control high blood pressure with medication, diet and exercise. For the first time in a while the […]

Why We Need Weight Training

As we age a certain amount of degeneration will occur within our bodies. Two of the most common symptoms associated with aging are muscle and bone loss. While this may seem harmless, they can actually lead to further conditions such as osteoporosis, poor posture, injuries, muscle and joint pain and loss of balance.Weight training can […]

Eating to Trim Belly Fat

Belly fat occurs when excess calories are consumed and fat is deposited in the abdominal area. Numerous claims abound for reducing belly fat. But what really does help? Some people are predisposed to carry more weight around the middle and much of it is driven by genetics. Also, people tend to gain more weight in […]

Prepare for a Healthy New Year

When setting goals for 2019 there are tips to use so you are able to achieve them. According to experts from Tufts surveys show the most popular resolutions involve losing weight and getting fit. As they say, moving toward a healthier dietary pattern and being more physically active are crucial toward achieving well being. Healthy […]

Celebrating Beth!

In the May 2019 issue of B-Metro, our very own Beth Nigri was honored as one of the featured women in the “Celebrating the Power of Women” article. Beth’s top priorities at The Fitness Center are to make each member feel like family and help them achieve their goals through her nutritional expertise. Her influence […]

The Fitness Center Celebrates 25 Years

John McGivaren trains on a leg press machine as he does reps during a session with John Crowder, a personal trainer, at The Fitness Center on Oct. 9. Photo by Erin NelsonArticle by Jacob Cole, Village Living The Fitness Center is celebrating its 25th year in the Mountain Brook community. President and Founder Vic Nigri […]