In the May 2019 issue of B-Metro, our very own Beth Nigri was honored as one of the featured women in the “Celebrating the Power of Women” article.
Beth’s top priorities at The Fitness Center are to make each member feel like family and help them achieve their goals through her nutritional expertise. Her influence within The Fitness Center has helped many members redevelop their initial short term goals into complete lifestyle changes.
Through the monthly e-newsletter, Beth provides articles on health-boosting tips as well as nutritious recipes to help members further their overall wellness goals.
If you would like to start receiving these newsletters, contact us at Fitnesscenterthe@aol.com.
We are thankful for Beth and how she empowers members at The Fitness Center.

Before joining The Fitness Center I questioned the value of strength training and nutrition in my running routine. I was amazed what I discovered. The professional trainers, state of the art equipment and nutritional meetings have improved quality of life.

Tom Russell

THE FITNESS CENTER     205-870-1121

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