Eating to Trim Belly Fat


Eating to Trim Belly Fat

Belly fat occurs when excess calories are consumed and fat is deposited in the abdominal area. Numerous claims abound for reducing belly fat. But what really does help? Some people are predisposed to carry more weight around the middle and much of it is driven by genetics. Also, people tend to gain more weight in the waist with aging. The problem with this is there are health concerns with carrying this excess weight around the mid-section. Fortunately, the scientific community has some sound things you can do to lose weight around the middle.

Control Calories

Increase Fiber

Limit Alcohol


Choose Lower Fat Dairy

Reduce Meat

Follow a Mediterranean diet

Get Out and Exercise

Sleep Well

The bottom line is, when working to reduce belly fat, look holistically at your diet and lifestyle. Choose lower-fat, high fiber foods within an appropriate calorie level for your needs. Include exercise most days of the week, assess your stress level and be sure you are getting enough sleep.

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