Conditioning Program for Runners

The Fitness Center can help you improve your performance with a one-on-one personal training program. These are some of the benefits:

  • Our Conditioning Program for Runners will improve your performance – studies show that with as little as 10 weeks of weight training, 10k times decrease by an average of a little over one minute.
  • Greater muscular strength decreases the risk of joint or overuse strain by minimizing connective tissue stress (bone, ligament, tendon, cartilage) which is imperative in maintaining joint integrity.
  • Progressive resistance exercise program (weight lifting) helps strengthen connective tissues.
  • Reduce or completely relieve kneecap pain (or “runner’s knee”).
  • Reduce or eliminate nagging hip and low back pain. By strengthening muscle as well as bone and connective tissue it helps not only prevent injury but reduces the severity of injury should it occur.
  • Workload of greater intensity can be managed more easily.

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