“Before joining The Fitness Center I questioned the value of incorporating strength training and proper nutrition in with my running routine and how much more efficiency it would add to my race times. I was amazed at what I discovered:

10 k time improved from 51:15 to 45:41
1/2 marathon time improved from 1:56:19 to 1:47:19
5k time improved from 23:58 to 21:39
Improvements of nearly a minute a mile!

The professional trainers, state of the art equipment and the weekly nutritional meetings have improved my all around quality of life.”

Tom Russell


“I have been working out at The Fitness Center since August of 2011 and absolutely love it! The Fitness Center’s program helped me lose 18 lbs. and 3 dress sizes. I have tried many programs and this one by far is the best one. My personal trainer really cares about my results and works with me weekly to ensure that I reach my goals.

The nutritional consultations you get which are a part of the program really ensure that you keep a healthy life style. The workouts are always challenging and keep me coming back for more. The atmosphere is very relaxed, scheduling your workouts is easy and the trainers are always willing to work around your schedule to ensure you get in your workouts. Thank you, The Fitness Center, for keeping me on track!”

Joyce Dabbs

Apex Valet and Rare Transportation

“Since joining The Fitness Center almost ten years ago I have worked with Vic and his staff to be in the best shape of my life. Their cardio and weightlifting program along with nutritional advice has helped me to look and feel better than I did twenty years ago. My workout sessions have become an integral part of my life and something I look forward to each morning, even if I know my trainer is going to push me to my limit! They have been able to keep it challenging and I can definitely see the results. Everybody Wants to know my secret to looking and feeling so good and now you know, it’s The Fitness Center.”

Bill Ingram

“I joined The Fitness Center six months after my daughter was born. She is now 17! The Fitness Center offers a friendly environment to work out with a knowledgeable personal trainer. The program has grown with me over the years adapting to my age and health, which is important to me. By committing to a regular fitness program, you will benefit directly and achieve your goals.”

Karen Carroll

THE FITNESS CENTER       205-870-1121

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