Why We Need Weight Training


Why We Need Weight Training

As we age a certain amount of degeneration will occur within our bodies. Two of the most common symptoms associated with aging are muscle and bone loss. While this may seem harmless, they can actually lead to further conditions such as osteoporosis, poor posture, injuries, muscle and joint pain and loss of balance.
Weight training can help to increase bone density and muscle strength in people of any age, but it is particularly important in adults 50+. Weight training also helps to stabilize the immune system. Older adults who weight train have higher numbers of proteins and metabolites, which can help to improve recovery after major traumas, such as surgery.
Your aim is to build a good blend of strength, muscle and endurance. You need to weight train two to three times per week, on non-consecutive days. All muscle groups should be touched during this time.

Aerobic and Resistance Activities:

Remember, exercise is the key to healthy aging. We all need weight resistance training, cardio fitness, and a healthy nutritional lifestyle. You are never too old.

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